Brand With A Purpose


Neque Sole, a skincare brand with an ideology to encourage and motivate its users approached us with an idea to put out its brand ideology as the central theme of the brand.


We were briefed more of like a thought from the client's side which was to push a sense of encouragement and confidence in the users through the brand. The brand aimed to position itself as a friend that would have its users back always. As the idea developed further we charted out a plan for its branding which included a metaphorical representation of the everyday hustle women face.


Branding and Packaging: After quite a few brainstorming sessions, we decided on a theme of monochrome illustrations that would be extended throughout the branding and all communication channels. We zeroed in on four elements that would represent our idea of brand. Our art team worked on perfecting illustrations for the same while the job of the copy was to effectively communicate and align the graphics with the thought behind. We designed a rather experimental packaging with an aim to include a part of our brand story in each of the products. Take a look at the packaging:


The brochure had a similar design language with our metaphorical elements placed in order to reinforce the idea of the brand.

Take a look:


We extended our brand story in the e commerce website keeping consistent monochrome tone. We also designed our website differently from the conventional ones because we wanted to extend the brand's uniqueness in every possible way. The website contains a whole experience of what the brand stands for and how does it value its customers. With easy navigation and immersive experience, it aims to leave customers feel satisfied.