Branding and Website Development

Goriya is a specialised milk-based skincare range, finding its root in the ancient ayurvedic text that reveals about the all-beneficial milk from a specific breed of ‘Sahiwal Cows’.

As it is extremely imperative that we know the background story or inspiration of the products, the background of Goriya helped our team decide on the way we approached the design and logo for the brand. The client had specifically mentioned to add a mnemonic of cow, to establish the importance of the main ingredient of the product- that is the milk from Sahiwal cows.

So, we tried to incorporate that in the branding to align it with our approach, that would lend it an exotic-urban attribute.

In the packaging of the product, we extended the idea of organic and Ayurvedic inspiration using floral motifs yet keeping the overall design minimal and elegant.

We extended the brand language further in its brochure and website, to maintain a synergy and add credibility to the brand.

Since the brand wanted to create a niche segment in the market without being judged on its name, its branding aided in achieving their goal.