There is one most common perception about advertising and that is one needs a common sense to be an ad person but the irony is that common sense is not so common. It takes years and years for people to understand what works for their brands and what not. There are many ifs and buts in the play, many hits and trials on a brand’s success journey.

There are millions of brands in the world and in the present day and age, the questions like what makes a brand stand apart; what takes it to hit the bull’s eye; how the strategies should go ahead for being that 1 % at the top; and why the brand exists, are key to a brand’s identity. A brand’s identity or we may call it awareness takes a lot of time to be solidified. This process includes a crucial aspect, that is neither related to graphic design capabilities nor to be a great copywriter. Though these two helps a lot for the long run what lies at the core is the process and the channels through which all these go ahead and that is a marketing strategy.

This is where a brand manager’s role comes into play. The brand managers are crucial to any business, they are certainly the building blocks for the brand and the targeted advertising.

But before we go ahead let us know what a brand consists of, then only we can be clear about the brand manager’s role.

A brand consists of name, logo, tagline, graphics, colours and movements. It has physical qualities as well as its own personality and culture. This personality in advertising creates a unique continuity and characterisation. A brand can be personal(unique), family (many products in one) or individual, these all factors must be clear to the brand manager. Then only can it be unique while it is targeting print ads, online advertising or free ads.

Brand management is more of planning. It is important because a person in this domain must know it all about the brand they represent. They can ensure that the products or services they provide stay in the consumer domain. It stays worthy for the current and potential customers.

For doing this the brand management needs to be continuously on its toes, watching the market trends for setting a unique advertising definition and target ad accordingly. The competition analysis is also a key factor for online advertisement as well for better marketing. The management is responsible for making a brand adapt to the new trends in the target market.

He/she is responsible for the management of budget, for promotional events be it a social media advertising or personal advertising. They assist with the launching of the product, fixing its prices. Eventually, they have to keep on finding and developing the new business opportunities for turning their marketing plan into a success.

To go ahead in the brand management arena there are some factors required apart from brand awareness; apart from tons of research; there is a strong sense of determination which is required, great amounts of people management skills.

The brand management is a fine balance of quantitative as well as qualitative skills. On one hand, it requires huge amounts of market research, trend analysis, competitor insight, sales forecasting and on the other, it is hugely dependent upon the personality of the brand manager too. The ability to interpret and be patient while the brand is being built.

Conclusively, it is advised that one must be thorough with their brand and communicate with the upper management on a regular basis. Brand management should be done with great skills in resources management and respecting people’s time and capabilities.

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