Importance of Rebranding and How to make the most out of It

A brand is expected to be concerned with needs of the audience. Though, the expectation from a brand varies from time to time. Thereby, keeping a brand on its toes.

The need of the hour never lets the brand be an entity which can behave similarly to others. A brand language and interaction with the customers has to be unique. Every brand brings forward a proposition. A brand does not become great by following the same solutions for all problems. It has to reinvent itself with all the changes around, the technology, consumption capabilities, competition and greater awareness of the consumers. The prime examples of rebranding have been Zara, Google, Airtel, Hutch-Vodafone, they not only went on to create a new image but how they position themselves in the market.

The capability to keep reinventing is not that easy, it comes at a great cost, it can cost brands their consumers, it can hinder their growth. That’s why it should be a calculated risk to rebrand. There are aspects which should be kept in mind while rebranding, like, the timeframe, the target audience with which they would be increasing, number of researches to rely upon namely market analysis and targeted surveys.

The more detailed the analysis is, clearer would be the needs of the company and the target audience. With majority people of contacts being the company employees, it is a prerequisite to create a uniform opinion amongst them also. The approach towards thought influencers is also a thing to be taken care, namely get them on board and use their mediums wisely. The better the communication successful is the rebranding.

The best approach towards rebranding is to keep documenting everything keep everything on mails and develop a brand hygiene.

After getting these basic things organised the next step is to create awareness for the process. This is done by using internal PR Team, external PR campaigns and people like the press and the brand related community and invite people on the day of launch, people are the real treasure for making the rebranding process a success.

The finances to be involved in the process, there is no point in having a vision without a specific target of the money to be utilised. These not only gives a larger insight to a brand but also keeps them in a safe zone. The zone in which brand should remain.

Last but not the least you must take care of the basic needs of the brand on which it stands firmly. It should have uniformity; however, number of agencies are there and the continuity must remain there.

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