eutopia by t&t GROUP - branding

A vision actualised to the perfect reality

T&T is a real estate developer that builds residential building in NCR. After a successful collaboration with T&T on its first project- T Homes, the client came on board with a new project. While the previous project was introducing digital living for the first time, this project was more about bringing premium luxury with a healthy living.

Of course, the tonality and the treatment were a lot different from the previous project. So, for the branding of this new project, we sticked to the central idea of ‘Utopia’ that was about being ideal and perfect.

After researching on the Utopian philosophies and art, we came across a symbolic representation that occurred almost everywhere. The element that appeared in almost all the places was a 'sphere with a void', that signifies ' a portal' and 'a shelter'. We incorporated this element in our branding and initial communication too. We created teasers and pre-launch campaigns by using the portal to signify a passage to the ideal living that awaits on the other side which was Eutopia.

For the pre-launch campaign of the project, we decided to play along the lines of its tagline- Epitome Of Perfection.