UNGAP is a recruitment and training agency; transform college graduates into corporate professionals.

Brand Challenge

Unlike most recruitment agencies and companies, UNGAP was more than just about getting freshers into the corporate sector. UNGAP sources the appropriate talent, trains them, providing them the requisite skills for their job, and networks them with companies looking for said talent. The branding needed to convey that UNGAP was more than just about connecting two dots (one on the demand end and the other on the supply end), but to build a reliable bridge between the two.

Brand Objective

To position the brand as a solution for enhancing the business performance of your company by connecting you to relevant manpower, benefiting both ends of the spectrum by bridging the gap between demand and supply.


To position UNGAP as a reliable and professional solution for your resource needs on the corporate job side and the relevant prospect side.

The Brand Identity - The Name

We have coined the brand name UNGAP, to position and convey brand’s story i.e. to bridge the gap between available skilled prospects with relevant opportunities. The brand needed to come across as a distinct, unconventional yet a professional service provider.

The Brand Identity


The logo signifies two things. First, it is a bridge which connotes UNGAP as a connecting portal and problem solver. The second – the “U” at the centre relates with the initial alphabet of the brand.


The branding of UNGAP is based on the idea of a bridge. The bridge is a symbol of connecting and creating possibilities.
We positioned the brand as a solution that fulfills the current gap in the market, between, available jobs and available prospects for the job. This is appropriately represented by a bridge.


Connecting available jobs to the prospects looking for those jobs and training them in addition to ensure business performance enhancement on the corporate side, UNGAP is a place where opportunity meets relevance.

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