Threads is a clothing store for women which envisions to make them feel special and unique.

Brand Challenge

Having a unique and wide range of dress collections for women, Threads needed to speak out to their TG in a straightforward and impactive way about the rationale of the brand name and about what they do. The brand needed to create a name for itself in the clothing domain by being unique and eye-catching.

Brand Objective

To position the brand as a preferable and attractive solution for women's clothing through
communicating the elements of elegance, grace, beauty and uniqueness.

Thread and Needle

We positioned the brand as a clothing solution for women, and the color codes bring some attention to that concept. The word 'THREADS' has a needle graphically positioned under it, so as to make the viewer think of 'thread and needle,' something that they have seen their mothers use as they grew up, and something that puts across the brand as a clothing brand with an affinity towards it.


To help Threads create a unique presence in the market, communicating the brand's purpose and preposition through the communication strategy.

The Name - The New Brand Identity

We suggested the brand name Threads and chose the color codes to communicate the gender specificity of their merchandise. The hot pink and white color combination stands out from the crowd, and the 'needle' behind the brand name lets people know what the brand is about- clothing.

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