Branding - Fizzy Fern

Fizzy fern is a new brand in the Bath & Body care domain that is escalating its way to the top of the chain because of it’s unique combination of ayurvedic beauty essentials delivered to the consumers in the form of every day-use products.

Brand Promise

The core purpose of fizzy fern’s birth as a brand was to deliver consumers the freshness of the mountain breeze, the glow of a full moon and the nourishment from ayurvedic herbs that turns their ‘cleansing’ into an ‘experience.’ The idea to make a promise to the customers to help change their approach towards body care- from a cosmetic one to a natural one.
A promise to deliver the essence of nature; boxed for them to have an unparalleled experience every time they open it.

Brand Objective

With fizzy fern, our aim was to establish the brand in the market as a trusted, high-end solution for uncompromised bath and body care.
The single-minded proposition for fizzy fern would be to ameliorate the cosmetics/bath & body care domain by delivering to their consumers, products for everyday use that have a safe, balanced mix of modern-day ingredients, with essential ingredients from Ayurveda.
Keeping this in mind, we decided that fizzy fern’s brand identity would have to shape up in a way that keeps in mind the wise, ‘sage’ nature of their brand archetype; all the while focusing on the brand’s ‘new age’ approach towards communication.

Brand Positioning

In continuation of fizzy fern’s approach towards introducing the essence of nature in their products to make them safer to use, more nourishing to apply, fresher to relish and preferable to add in their lifestyle, we decided to take a bold, straightforward approach to the brand’s positioning; one that would tell consumers what they were getting packed in a box, right from the get-go.
Fizzy Fern would be positioned as ‘Essentials from nature’.

Brand Colours

Taking a variant of the Shamrock shade of green- the colour of life, rejuvenation, freshness, and nature, fizzy fern’s brand colours hope to instil in the consumers a sense of safety, fruitfulness, value and making a choice that has a nourishing, organic approach to it.
As for the secondary colors, the black used in the wordmark of the logo symbolizes the brand’s solidity for deliverance. The colour white was chosen to represent tranquillity and purity.

Logo and Rationale

To communicate brand’s new age approach towards delivering the essence of nature, the fonts used in the brand’s wordmark and for the positioning were chosen in a way that, when put together, gives people the sense of brand’s identity as a ‘modern-day brand with a concern for a natural approach.’.

The logo needed an element that represented the brand’s affinity towards a natural approach in its niche. We devised an element that had the look of a fern, the textures of a leaf and the bent of the vine to communicate the brand’s category and approach in a way that creates a maximum recall.

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