An event company which believes in setting and surpassing high standards of event management.

Brand Challenge

Eldorado provides exceptional service when it comes to event management. It, however, needed an identity that can create a unique space in the category and help the brand become more relevant to its TG as compared to competition. It was important for the brand to create an assertive disposition of an organisation with effective and consistent brand synergy. Existing branding didn’t reflect these attributes. Eldorado as a brand need to reinvent it self to align with its core value proposition and differentiate itself to resonate with its customers and inspire its employees.



Our objective with Eldorado was to carve it as a key player in the elite event management niche. Our communication strategy was to be honest and effective in our communication to build trust and help customers relate to the brand.

Brand Proposition

Eldorado is a gateway to experiences and memories that last a lifetime

The New Brand Identity

We designed the new logo to symbolically represent the brand ideology, The Two E’s (from the name “Eldorado Events”) form a gate to the city of gold. Gold is the treasured experience that a good event brings. This ideology resonated with the niche’s need for approachable companies that could customise experiences and memories, not just events.

Brand Propositioning

Grace, Grandeur, guaranteed communicates the message of Eldorado being a trusted brand that delivers grandiose and graceful events that leave a lasting impact, every time. All communication solutions for Eldorado give it the identity of a niche and elite yet approachable brand. Our approach was to strategically align all communication to promote brand synergy and make an effective road map for growth as a brand.

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