Rebranding - Divinidhi

NJ Jewellers

Brand Proposition

To make diamond jewellery wearable every day, instead of just on a handful of special occasions.

Divinidhi earlier was known as NJ jewellers (left side)

Brand Challenge

Divinidhi earlier was known as NJ jewellers. The brand wanted to expand more in the market, targeting a larger audience and generating brand affinity through strategized communication.
The challenge was to give the brand a unique identity, which will distinguish it from the rest, while increasing the brand aesthetic and communication impact.


To position the brand in the competitive space as being 'new age with traditional values,' focusing on the timeless aspect of the brand's promise of quality and trust.


The New Brand Identity

We coined the name 'Divinidhi' with the amalgamation of two words: Divinity (English) and Nidhi (Hindi). The fusion of English and Hindi words not only made the brand name unique, but it also builds a relation with both the modern English speaking as well as Hindi speaking target audience. Promising the best of both worlds, the word 'Divinidhi' communicates to you on a subconscious level, the timelessness and limitlessness of things divine and beautiful.
Divinidhi is positioned as an elegant and classy brand which every woman would want to have.
The re-branding gave the brand an opportunity to create its space in the new age digital media- from domain names to twitter handlers and more, to reach out to the right audience and leave a unique impact on them.

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