CORIP is a law firm specializing in intellectual property rights and facilitating Start-ups in legal advice.

CORIP previous identity (left)

Brand Objective

To position the brand as friendly and trustworthy choice for legal consultation


CORIP Branding – MAZE

The branding of CORIP is based on the MAZE. The maze is the symbol of complexities, much like the perceived legal process which has its twists and turns. We positioned the brand as a solution and to be a simplifier of one’s legal issues and a friend who is easy to approach.

Rational The logo signifies two things. First it is a simplified maze which connotes CORIP as a dependable guide and problem solver. The second – the “C” at the centre (same as the wordmark) relates Copyright symbol indicating CORIP’s expertise in IP domain.

The New Brand Identity


CORIP is the brand who is your guide through the complex legal procedures and providing a helping hand to those who are unaware of the legal complexities. Positioning the brand as Trusted, Sage and friendly; encouraging CORIP as a number on the speed dial for Startups.