Conquering the mountain

A Brand’s Stairway to heaven

For any new or medium-sized business on the market, ‘making it big’ is nothing short of a mountaineering experience. To get up on that cliff made of ROI and consumer trust, there are always steps a brand must take to assure that it’s stepping is just right. The grip on the market needs to be firm and the climb needs to be consistent. In this article, let’s break down the brand’s stairway to heaven.

The Footing

A brand’s footing is the series of initial steps they must do right- from coming up with the right name, logo, design language and communication style to consumer acquisition and engagement strategies.

And then, trying to do it right every single time. Adjusting strategies, and having a strong foothold on the market with uncompromised brand values and consistency in communication approach.

The Rope

Once a brand has clients and consumers, they have a line to safety. What matters next, is holding on to that line and to make sure it’s taut. Consumer and client engagement strategies are what comes into play just after you have a start on the market and you are getting leads. Make sure conversions happen, and make sure you get your brand value proposition out in the wind in a way that brings in results. This is where you get a hold of the rope of potentials.

The Grip

Once a brand has leads and consumers, three things comes into play- retention, delivery and brand value increment. This is where a lot of businesses fail. And a few that do make the cut, do so by deploying consumer retention strategies into place, and delivering value to customers and clients alike. From SOWs and sending out goodies to spreading a good word about the brand and re-visiting contracts and making them more flexible- this stage is all about delivering value. As brands deliver value and make money while doing it, the brand’s own value increases exponentially. But only if you know how to have a strong grip on your internal operations, quality assurance and your consumer base.

The Flag

Once a brand achieves all these things, there is nothing left to do but to expand. To make your mark on the world. To put a flag down on the mountain top and to make brand statements that shake the business landscape and help you make bigger and bigger connections. This is where brands put a unique twist on things with creative advertisement, CSR activities, and PR- something that gets them more visibility and helps them float their existing portfolio to get their foot in bigger and bigger doors. And once they do, we go all the way back to the rope stage, making sure the pull is strong and a lot of efforts are focused on getting results for your business goals.

Off to climb a yet bigger peak, as they move up the stairway to heaven.

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