Things you can’t neglect about print marketing

In a world of digitalization, rumours of the demise of print media often crop up every now and then. Yet, several types of research in last few decades have proven that in the clash between paper and devices, it’s the print that always triumphs. Magnomics- a very popular study commissioned by the PPA, found out that print magazine advertising delivered the highest ROI of all media channels, 11 per cent higher than TV and 22 per cent higher than online in the UK.

Still not convinced?

Here are some of the huge advantages of print advertisement that marketers often neglect in their rush to promote brand’s online presence:

Paper encourages emotions

A study conducted by Bangor University and branding agency Millward Brown in 2009 performed MRI scans on humans to understand different effects of paper and digital media. It was found out that our brains tend to find physical material more authentic and meaningful than devices, thus triggering a strong emotional processing and a better recalling of the brands in the audience’s mind.

Therefore, a print publication that promotes high-quality readership and trustworthy content often succeeds in persuading its readers to believe in their advertisements. So, if you place your ads in a first-rate print publication, you can easily build an image of your brand to be credible as well as reliable.

Less multitasking, better attention span

In the era of technology, our attention spans have only dramatically reduced. We tend to use several apps at the same time, and often get distracted by the tremendous overflow of necessary and unnecessary information that sifting through the content takes more time than actually paying attention to what we often read.

Print readers can’t multitask when they pore over newspapers or a magazine, therefore making them more receptive to advertisements in the publications than through digital mediums.

Taking a vacation from the internet is good

Researchers have concluded that increasing time spent on social media has caused several people to experience anxiety and depression. Due to this rising negative phenomenon, many people are deliberately unplugging from the digital world and focusing more on non-tech objects like newspapers, books or magazines to unwind. An impactful print advertisement, as a result, can effortlessly reach this section of the society and create an instant rapport with its readers.

The opportunities are virtually limitless

In digital mediums, we can depend only on algorithms to figure out how to reach our audience. But print ads allow you to tailor your campaign according to the requirements of your business. You can choose which section of the newspaper you want the ad to appear or even which geographic location your paper will deliver. It provides you with several options that digital platforms can’t offer.

Print blends in with digital marketing perfectly

When campaigns include both print and digital, the results can be very impactful. These days the use of QR codes has enabled the print ads to fill the gap between the print-digital divide. Ads which include social media URLs or free downloads often does the job of attracting an audience to interact with the brand, drive more traffic, and also create a strong awareness.

So, to develop a successful campaign, embracing the print and mixing it with other marketing media is a must. It is the only way to leverage greater brand awareness and create higher revenue for the marketers.

And ROI is something we all require to keep an establishment floating good work in the market, after all.

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